Had a dream yesterday.  I was watching a Jewish play/musical, and they came to showing a woman covered wearing black, in mourning for the recent loss of her husband with other women around surrounding her. She was holding up a candle and there was a pause as she was collecting her thoughts – I heard someone quietly asking if she needed help – knowing somehow there was something traditional for the widow, and  I heard her told “Beatrice is hundreds of years old, she can do this..” Prophet Beatrice started a song, “How should I cry,  for now I tear…” and as she sang the song, an Angel quietly came closer. and at the end of the song, took the candle’s light away. The song about her grief over her husband was shared by the community as the sadness of Israel losing their sense of home.

dream came after I was at the cemetery yesterday with my mom and uncle to visit my G’ma’s grave, after first going through Menorah Gardens area of the cemetery.

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